Hello, and thank you for visiting the Gertge Technology website. My name is Toby Gertge, and I founded Gertge Technology in January, 2011.

When I first started the company it was strictly a repair, service, and consulting company.  At that point, having worked in the information technology field for over 15 years in Northeast Colorado, I realized that there was a huge gap in information technology services.  Sure, we had some computer stores available, but none that could offer the high quality service that businesses and consumers desired.  The service was either over priced, poor quality, or in most cases both.

In order to fill that gap, I started Gertge Technology.  Over the next couple of years the business went very well.  The next gap I found in the area was that there was no where to buy high quality computer equipment and software.  What was being sold is off brand over priced equipment that is poorly supported. My customers kept asking me, "Why can't I just buy my computer from you?"  Local stores and your big box stores tend to resell lower-end computers.  They can get them cheap, mark them up, and collect a bigger profit. 

That brings us to where we are today.  I wanted to create a store that sells all the major brands of computers, and only the top product lines those brands have to offer, all at a price that is affordable to you.  Most importantly, along with great prices comes with the great service that is the foundation of Gertge Technology.

My store is unique.  I don't have a typical store front where consumers come to shop.  I consciously made this decision for many reason.  First, the expense of maintaining a brick and mortar store usually forces companies to over inflate their prices.  By not having that type of overhead, I can keep my prices low.  In turn, I've partnered with several of the largest IT distributers in North America.  They have warehouses all over the country, which means I can typically get a product to you within three to five days.  Don't live in Fort Morgan?  No problem, my distributers will ship direct to your door, anywhere in the country.  This is why I decided to take the retail part of the business to the next level by creating a web store.  I want to be able to provide high quality products all over Northeast Colorado and beyond.

If you need something that is not listed, contact me and I will find the product you need.  I will be happy to custom quote any equipment you may need.  I'm also able to provide discounts to anyone buying items in bulk.  

Thank you for visiting the Gertge Technology Website & Web Store