Managed Service Provider

Gertge Technology offers a comprehensive managed service package.  What are managed services?  It's a way for business to purchase IT services at a fixed monthly rate. Many IT companies just offer hourly services.  This makes it hard for business to budget and plan for growth.  With managed IT services, you know what your monthly cost of IT will be, and you can budget accordingly.  We have several packages businesses can choose from, so you can find the right package to meet your needs and budget.

Our pacakges include:

24/7 Network/Server Equipment Monitoring

Cloud Management of Networking and WiFi Equipment

Anti-Virus on Servers and Computers

Windows Patch Managmenet

Hardware/Software Inventory

Quarterly Reporting

Virtual CIO Services

Regular Onsite Preventative Maintenance*

Monthly Allowance of Support Hours*

Response Time Service Level Agreement*

PBX Maintenance

CloudSecure Online Backup*


* varies based on package selected

Network Engineering

Need to create a network for your business? Look no further. We will work with you to design a network that will meet your needs well into the future. One of the keys to good network design is thorough documentation. We will fully document your network including labeling, network maps, logical diagrams, and cut-sheets. We will help you select equipment that will meet your needs, and your budget.

We offer networking equipment from all the major networking manufacturers including: Dell, Cisco, HP, Netgear, D-Link, Juniper, TP-Link, and Ubiquiti Networks. The latter, Ubiquiti Networks, is one of highly recommended brands as it fits into our managed cloud services platform.


Need help with your existing network? We can perform an in-depth analysis of your current network, and make sure that it is ready to perform well into the future.


No network is too small or large.  We have designed large networks that span multiple geographic locations, and enterprise campuses with thousands of users and devices.  

Cable Installation

We are your cable installation experts.  We supply and install all major types of communciation cable including: Cat5, Cat6, RG-6 & RG-11 Coax, and Single & Multi-Mode Fiberoptics.  We follow all industry standards when installing cabling, and ensure our installations meet building fire codes.  We also have our own internal standards that go above and beyond industry standards.  We pride ourselves by installing infrastructure that will last decades.


We also run cabling for door access control systems, camera systems, and audio/intercom systems.  

We have all of the cutting edge equipment to install wiring within walls, conduit, and innerduct.  If the need arises we are also a reseller/installer of wiremold and panduit type surface mounting solutions.

Servers and Virtualization

Gertge Technology can help you build a state of the art server room.  We will help select the right rack mounting, cable management, and power distribution solutions. We can design room layouts to maximize space efficiency.  We can design cooling solutions to ensure equipment is kept at optimal operating temperature.  We have many solutions for room monitoring and alerting for events such as power failure, water leaks, and high temperatures.

We specialize in servers from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and SuperMicro.  We'll assess your needs and provide server options to fit within your budget.  

We can help you save money with server virtualization using VMware.  VMware allows you to combine multiple virtual servers onto one physical server.  This maximizes the use of physical server resources, while reducing the number of physical servers necessary.  The best part about VMware is that the basic VMware Hypervisor is free! More advanced functions and support must be licensed.

We have experience with a wide variety of operating systems including Windows, several Linux variations, and FreeBSD.  We'll implement the best operating system to suit your needs.

Not only are we able to design and recommend these solutions, we are also an authorized reseller for all the hardware and software solution we recommend.  This ensures that you are in good hands from design to purchasing and installation.  

Network Security

The security of your network is one of the most important investments you can make.  It is highly important to protect your data from intruders, no matter what industry you work in.  Security is best handled in a multi-layered approach.

First, you need a good firewall that functions as a unified threat management device.  A unified threat management device provides basic firewall functions, but also will include: intrusion prevention, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing, content filtering, and much more.  We offer commercial solutions from both Dell SonicWall, Cisco, and Ubiquiti Networks.  Can't afford one of the big name brands?  We can custom build an open source solution.  We build custom firewalls running pfSense and Untangle.  They have many of the same functions as a commercial firewall, but the software is absolutely free.  All you have to buy is the hardware.

Once you have a good firewall in place the next layer of security is security software on your individual computers.  We have experience with all the major anti-virus platforms including: TrendMicro, Computer Associates, Mcafee, and Norton.  We recommend the use of AVG Cloud Care.  As an AVG CloudCare authorized reseller, we can protect your entire business, no matter how large. AVG CloudCare enables us to keep an eye on your security at all times.  We are immediately notified of any anti-virus releated issues, so we can rapidly respond. Contact us for a quote!

If you host your own email, you need a good email security solution.  We can recommend an email filtering solution to best suit your needs.  You also may be required to archive email for legal purposes. There are hardware based solutions from companies like  Arcmail and Barracuda Networks. There are also cloud based solutions like Google Apps Vault.  We are also an authorized reseller of EntrustedMail, a hosted ZixCorp based email encryption service.